Any questions? Here are your answers!

1.) Is the service completely free?

Yes. This service is paid for by online advertising displayed on our website.
Therefore, our site absolutely free of user fees.

2.) How long are my images stored in

At least 1 year! For members, the storage time is without any limit.

3.) What kind of images are allowed?

All! There are basically no restrictions as long as the uploaded images do not violate the rules.
Please note the upload presets, such as file format and file size on the welcome page.

4.) Is there a limit on how many times an image can be delivered?

Each image can be loaded as often. Regardless of how much traffic is generated.

5.) How many pictures may I upload?

As many as you like! We certainly have enough space for all our users.

6.) How large files are allowed?

In general, maximum of 16 MB. Our members benefit from up 64 MB per file.

7.) Hotlinking is allowed?

Of course, we allow ad free hotlinking, however we are reliant to the fairness of our users,
because we finance ourselves on advertising.

8.) Other people have the opportunity to see my uploaded images??

No, unless you are a member and activate it voluntarily.

There is of course the possibility to make your images accessible to other users,
by optional add keywords that describe the image.
Other users can search for these keywords and take a view to the photos which
matching the corresponding keyword.

9.) Is it allowed to use this service for commercial purposes?

That is also permitted. Ideally, you should always use the first Link that is displayed after uploading,
just because business customers, the call volume of photos can be very high, and we
finance on the advertising side of the image representation.
We guarantee highly reputable advertising from reputable advertisers.

10.) I can not log in properly. My password is incorrect?

If you can not find your password after logging in to your mailbox,
please re-check your spam folder. May be our email ended up there.
If our email is not even in the spam and you have been waiting more than 30 minutes for the confirmation email,
it could be that you have entered an incorrect email address.
Check if you are able to use the "forgot password" function.
Should you have the access and a login is not possible, could it be that the credentials are wrong (unlikely),
or because your browser does not accept cookies.
Please check carefully whether a firewall or your browser refuse to accept cookies, which are necessary for the login

11.) How it will look in the future? How long this service is there?

We are alive since 2004 and developed a high-quality and high used renowned portal, where you can upload pictures.
We are always with energy and drive to continue developing this service for our customers.
After we are already 8 years on market, directupload became the largest free and anonymous upload service in europe.
To continue growing, your needs are very important to us and we provide unsurpassed support.

12.) Is it possible to delete accidentally uploads?

For anonymous uploads there is no way to delete the images automatically again.
However, registered users are able to delete their pictures independently.
If something very critical was uploaded, we can solve this.
Please contact us via the support form, which image should be removed.
We try to delete all controversial pictures as soon as possible.

13.) If my image was deleted after 1 year(s), can I upload the picture again?

Yes of course, this is permitted.

14.) Do you store my email-adress, if I type it when uploading?

No, of course not. Your email address will only be used to send the links to you!
The email adress is used for no other purpose!

15.) What technology is behind

To ensure maximum availability of our hosting-servers, we use only hardware from known manufacturers.
The number of servers is constantly increasing, the exact hardware list can be found at the end of our imprint.
In general, each server has a i7 quad processor, 12 gb of ram and four 2000 GB harddisks at raid10 technology,
as well as nonshared gigabit connection to the core switches in the data center (located in Frankfurt / Germany)

16.) How about the data security in

On each of our data servers multiple disk drives are installed, where the data is stored redundantly.
When a hard drive fails, we can recover all uploaded files anytime.

17.) What is a thumbnail?

Thumbnails are small images as a preview for a larger version of the image.
Through the use of thumbnails shorter loading times are possible, because the load time of websites
depends often on the integrated images.
This can ensure that the loading times are not too large and the user is capable to decide which image
he want's to see in full size.
A simple click on the corresponding thumbnail opens the full size image.

Another reason to use thumbnails is to save space on your website.
Many images can be placed in a confined space.
The visitor can quickly obtain an overview and zoom individual images if necessary.
Thus, the limited space of a webpage can be used effectively and the appeal will be further increased.